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Keqing Bot

/* Karuta Multi-functions Bot */

Getting Started
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Effort calculator

Keqing will help you calculate your card's effort.

Frame Tester

We also provide built-in Frame tester.

👑 Multriframe Tester

Multiframe tester is a thing.

👑 Morph Tester

Do you want to use frame tester with morph? We got you!

Card Tracer

Find specific cards with the range 1-500 print.

Not (Starboard)

You can log your "Pog" drops using this bot.

Global Market

Tired of selling your cards? try this.

Wishlist Notifier

Notifies you when someone's wishlist is dropped.

Card codes generator

Tired of tagging multiple of cards? try this.

Koibito finder

Helps you find id of current koibito

Card owner finder

Helps you find id of current owner

Card Pricing

Keqing can help you price the card based on community guide

Wishlist Leaderboard

Track the wishlist leaderboard