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Frame Tester

Frame Tester

We also provide built-in Frame tester.

How to use

  • Search for the character through k!lookup
  • Select the corresponding edition
  • React with 🖌️.
  • Enter the frame name.
  • Use [p]frames to see the frames available in Keqing.
  • For non-premium servers, you need to add the 🖌️ (:paintbrush:) manually.

Frame Alias

Some frames have alias(es) which can be also used for frame testing, along with their official names in Karuta.


This list can be expanded by suggesting frame aliases in our Frame Alias thread


"Can i disable Frame tester in some channels?"

@Some random owner


  • We have achannel command, you can use that
  • Go to the channel you want and run the command.
  • Run the achannel command and then click the button, select the Frame tester option and done