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Multiframe Tester


This feature is available for premium servers only

Multiframe tester

Command Information


Format : [p]getframes <type> [page]

<type> = bits, carousel, special, event, transparent, bits type (e.g wood, stone), or Frame names

Aliases : [p]getf, [p]getframe, [p]multif, [p]multiframe

Example :

agetframes bits 1
amultiframe carousel 3
agetf special 5
amultif event 2
agetf stone 1
agetframes budokai, arcana, interface, petals


  • Search for the character through k!lookup
  • Select the corresponding edition
  • Reply to the lookup embed with the multi-frame tester command


"Can i disable Multiframe tester in some channels?"

@Some random owner


  • We have achannel command, you can use that
  • Go to the channel you want and run the command.
  • Run the achannel command and then click the button, select the Frame tester option and done