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Key FeaturesNormalPremium
Effort Calculator✅ Yes✅ Yes
Frame Tester✅ Yes✅ Yes
Wishlist Ping✅ Yes✅ Yes
Server Drop Ping✅ Yes✅ Yes
Card codes generator✅ Yes✅ Yes
Card codes filtering✅ Yes✅ Yes
(Not) Starboard✅ Yes✅ Yes
Bits Calculator✅ Yes✅ Yes
Auto reaction for Frame testing❌ No✅ Yes
Auto reaction for Card codes generator❌ No✅ Yes
Auto reaction for Card codes filter❌ No✅ Yes
Auto reaction for Bits calculator❌ No✅ Yes
Set Role require for wishwatch command❌ No✅ Yes
Multi frame tester❌ No✅ Yes
Morph Tester1 Style only6 Style
Add your cards to the market❌ No✅ Yes

I'm Interested but... How do I get Premium Feature ?

  1. You can support us by donating through my Ko-fi. ($2/month for 1 server)
  2. You can also support by paying in tickets. (20 tickets/month for 1 server)
  3. You can also boost our server. (Currently unavailable)


Why should spent my IRL money?

  • To help me to Pay the hosting site. Right, running a bot with 21k+ servers is not free.
  • To support me
  • To keep the bot's development

I donated, do i get premium features automatically?

First of all thank you for your donation. And the answer is No, you need to join our support server and fill your order in a channel.